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Fuel station site

Client: Joem Auto Parts Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  April - June 2014

Adi Associates prepared an Environmental Permit application for a proposed fuel service station at St Julian’s. The new service station will replace an existing kerbside fuel station within the same road and will comprise:

  • Underground fuel tanks storing diesel, biodiesel and unleaded petrol;
  • One above-ground LPG tank;
  • Fuel dispensers;
  • Car wash facilities;
  • A service station consisting of a shop selling only goods related to motor vehicles (e.g. oils and lubricants, spare parts, etc), and providing limited servicing of vehicles (e.g. puncture repair, replacement of batteries, replacement of car wipers, etc.); and
  • Associated underground storage to store stock required for the shop on site, as well as products used in the car wash and temporary storage of municipal waste generated at the station.

The Environmental Permit application described the operations of the proposed service station, including fuels and chemicals storage, waste management, discharge of wastewater, and emissions to air. Where required, information regarding the existing service station was also submitted to MEPA as part of this application.