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Vehicle parts

Client: Mr Alfred Sammut

Start / Finish Dates:  February to December 2015

Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd was commissioned to prepare a Supplementary Information Note and Project Description Statement (PDS) for the proposed change of use of an existing warehouse to an end-of-life (ELV) vehicle processing facility in Qormi. The site is already constructed and is currently used for the storage of vehicles and vehicle parts. The applicant intends to convert the use of the site to an ELV depollution and dismantling facility authorised to issue certificates of destruction of motor vehicles.

The Supplementary Information Note described the detailed operational arrangements for the facility, particularly with regard to waste management processes. The PDS additionally included a land use survey and identified the potential environmental impacts arising from the proposal. Since the site is already built, no significant environmental impacts were expected from construction.

MEPA subsequently determined that the development required the submission of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Since the facility is already built and is used as a storage site, the EIS focused on the operation of the facility rather than its construction. The main potential environmental impacts arising through operation were addressed through an environmental risk assessment. The EIS also discussed the compatibility of the proposal with international and national legislation and with Maltese planning policy.