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Client: Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)

Start / Finish Dates:  2005 - ongoing

The MTAs Eco-certification Scheme is similar to the EU Eco-Label Scheme and is directed specifically at the hotel industry. The Scheme is designed to promote environmental awareness amongst employees and hotel guests and to enhance the environmental performance of the hotels.

Adi Associates has supported the MTA in the management of the Eco-certification Scheme since 2005. Adi Associates audits each candidate hotel every two years, on behalf of the MTA. A total of 24 hotels were audited in the last round of audits.

The audit is undertaken by assessing a hotel’s operations against a set of 100 criteria which address the topic areas of: environmental management; waste management; procurement; energy; water; air quality; noise; buildings and green areas maintenance; local culture; and guest information. A hotel must meet all of the 38 compulsory criteria and a minimum of 27 of the non-compulsory criteria to become Eco-certified (65% compliance overall). Hotels that achieve this compliance are recommended for certification to the Green Commission. In collaboration with those hotels that do not achieve compliance at the audit, Adi Associates prepares a corrective, timetabled action plan to facilitate the hotel in achieving compliance.

A national awards ceremony and conference follows each audit session, during which the more challenging environmental issues highlighted by the audit are raised and discussed, with a view to providing support for the hotels in relation to the particular issue. Adi Associates supports the MTA by highlighting which are the problematic issues and the challenges faced by the hotels.

Keywords: Eco-certification, environmental audit, hotels