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Quarry SG6
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Client: Zammit & Cefai Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  February 2008 – February 2012

The Restoration Plan addressed restoration in relation to treatment and infilling, aftercare and after-use. Preparation of the Plan involved an investigation of: surrounding land uses, geo-environmental resources, agriculture, ecological habitats, cultural heritage, landscape and visual amenity. The Plan included infilling and phasing guidelines, vehicle routing, management and environmental protocols, and details on the final land form and soil management.

An assessment of potential impacts of the project was addressed in relation to: noise, dust, run-off, traffic, visual amenity and stability. The assessment concluded that the restoration works were likely to have less of an impact than the former quarrying activity and that the restored site would have a positive impact.

The obtaining of an Environmental Permit was a condition of the development permit granted for the project. The Environmental Permit Application addressed fuel storage, wastes generated by the quarrying operations; wastes to be used for infilling; rainwater handling; emissions to air from point sources (generators) and non-point sources, and noise and vibration.

Keywords: Restoration Plan, Environmental Permit, quarry restoration, soft stone quarry