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Scuttling of MV Karwela at Xatt l-Ahmar
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Client: Ministry for Gozo

Start / Finish Dates:  April 2006 – September 2006

The objectives of the Master Plan were to:

  • describe the current diving situation on Gozo and Comino;
  • identify the short, medium, and long-term sustainability of the diving industry in Gozo and Comino;
  • identify the action necessary by the competent authorities to ensure upgrade of the diving product in Gozo and Comino;
  • upgrade the dive sites around Gozo and Comino to improve accessibility and provide support facilities for divers; and to
  • facilitate the establishment of a common understanding between the competent authorities and stakeholders on the way forward for the diving industry in Gozo and Comino.

The formulation of the Master Plan involved the undertaking of site inspections and surveys of the established dive sites (to establish a snap-shot of the current situation) and stakeholder consultations and interviews. An online survey was conducted, through a questionnaire designed to collect data, comments, and views from dive centres, and to enable the industry rankings of the dive sites on Gozo and Comino.

Keywords: Master Plan, online survey, wreck diving