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Daniel's Shopping Complex
Daniel's Shopping Complex
Daniel's Shopping Complex signage

Client: Daniel’s Shopping Complex

Start / Finish Dates:  July 2012

The development is located in Hamrun and has its main frontage along Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp. It involves the redevelopment of the former Hollywood Complex into a shopping complex comprising a supermarket, retail outlets, dwelling units and a large underground car park. Vehicular access to / from the on-site parking area is via the one-way Triq Patri Magri.

Transport Malta requested that a Traffic Impact Statement Update is prepared since the proposed changes to the approved project could affect the network traffic and the parking requirements. The Update focused on the likely trip generation and the effects of such traffic on the current and proposed network and the required parking provision. This was compared with the original TIS prepared in 1999.

The TIS Update concluded that the changes to the Scheme will unlikely result in additional pressures on the road network, while the parking provision was considered adequate. Hence, the conclusions of the original TIS remain valid.

The Complex opened in December 2012.

Keywords: Traffic Impact Assessment, shopping complex, mixed-use development