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Portomaso Marina apartments
Portomaso Marina apartments
Portomaso Marina apartments
Portomaso Marina apartments

Client: Spinola Development Company Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  March – August 2011

The Scheme involves the construction of an additional 46 apartments at Portomaso, 92 parking spaces and a “lagoon”. The Scheme includes a number of unique features including apartments suspended over the lagoon, each having direct access to the lagoon, and green roofs over the apartments.

The Scheme site is abutted to the west and north by the residential Portomaso development and marina. The Westin Dragonara Resort and food and beverage outlets are located north of the site. The coastline lies directly to the east of the Scheme site and is currently used for recreational activities including fishing and bathing. A road abuts the southern boundary of the site. This road leads to the coast at its tip and is bordered by the Hotel Cavalieri to its south.

The Environmental Impact Statement Update showed that the impacts related to the Scheme are deemed to be of minor to major significance (both for ecology and landscape impacts). The EIS recommended the collection and preservation of the top soil to attempt to identify, cultivate, and reintroduce the Wedgefoot Grass (identified in the surveys of the original Portomaso EIA, but not during surveys related to the Update) in more appropriate locations.

Planning permission was granted in November 2013.

Keywords: Portomaso, Environmental Impact Assessment, artificial lagoon