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  • In 2021 Adi Associates Directors, Adrian Mallia and Rachel Xuereb, co-authored a paper entitled Numerically enhanced conceptual modelling (NECoM) applied to the Malta Mean Sea Level Aquifer that was published in the Hydrogeology Journal.
Chadwick lakes
Chadwick lakes
Chadwick lakes

Client: The Energy & Water Agency

Start / Finish Dates:  June 2019 - ongoing

Following its extensive work in preparing a Restoration Plan for Chadwick Lakes, Adi Associates has now been commissioned to look at a wider area and formulate a Vision and a Master Plan for the whole Chadwick Lakes area. This Vision and Master Plan should result in Chadwick Lakes eventually becoming an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

In the initial stages of the project a Vision has been drafted and agreed with the Client – the Energy & Water Agency (EWA). In order to implement the Vision, management objectives were drawn up. As part of the Master Plan, projects will be proposed to implement the management objectives. These projects will include activities that are appropriate for the site’s naturalness but concurrently can ensure the project’s financial self-sufficiency. The proposed projects could include research activities, providing visitors with low impact recreational infrastructure, the setting up of hiking and cycling trails around and to the area and the valorisation of cultural heritage features in the area.

Various stakeholders will be engaged and consulted during the formulation of the projects for the area. This will ensure that the initiatives that will be adopted will have a wide consensus, hence facilitating their implementation.