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Zurrieq tool shed
Zurrieq tool shed
Zurrieq tool shed

Client: Private owner

Start / Finish Dates:  January 2012

The project consisted of a proposed development involving the construction of a room for pesticides and a garage for agricultural machinery at Ta’ Bajtra, Zurrieq in a designated coastal cliff area. The development consists of an extension to an already existing room. The construction of this extension would result in increasing the farmer’s (client) productivity and also for changing his status from a part-time farmer to a full-time farmer. The location chosen will leave the least impact on the surroundings. The do-nothing approach would leave a positive impact on the ecology but would limit the indirect impact from chemical application from worked land.

The Appropriate Assessment identified dust deposition, and noise and vibration as potential impacts leading to the disturbance of / or damage of habitats and / or birds. These impacts are related to the construction phase.

It was recommended that in order to minimise dust emissions, good site working methods should be adopted. In order to address noise generation it was suggested that restricted working times are adopted. It was also proposed that all equipment on site would be properly maintained to ensure it is not generating excessive noise and that noise-generating equipment should be located away from the sensitive areas. During the operational phase it was recommended that the preparation of the chemical storage should include a risk assessment whilst all records of chemicals stored on site should be kept.

Keywords: Agriculture, Appropriate Assessment, Habitats Directive, Special Area of Conservation (SAC)