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Rachel XuerebRachel Xuereb is a chartered environmentalist and Director of Adi Associates. She has been working in the field of environmental management with both the private sector and the public sector for over 20 years. She has experience in project management, environmental assessment, and environmental management and planning. She has worked on a number of major development projects including waste management infrastructure projects and in the development of policies and environmental legislation. She is familiar with European Union environmental legislation as she was a member of several government-appointed working groups during the screening of the EU’s Environmental Acquis. Rachel has extensive experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and was involved in drawing up national legislation for both EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Between 2003 and 2005 she was Malta’s representative on the European Union’s EIA / SEA Expert Working Group.

Rachel has been key EIA and SEA expert for a number of Government funded projects. She has coordinated complex EIAs including those for a Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant, an arterial road, Malta’s hazardous waste incinerator, a beach replenishment project, and urban developments including large residential complexes, commercial centres, and high rise buildings. Rachel has also coordinated most of the Strategic Environmental Assessments that have been carried out in Malta in various sectors including energy, water, aquaculture and waste management.

Providing guidance to Government authorities, Rachel has undertaken evaluations of European Union structural fund, rural development and fisheries programmes in Malta. This work has helped improve the environmental awareness of various government agencies and the important of environmental considerations when allocating funds to different projects.

She is trained in Environmental Management Systems and provides support during environmental due diligence and in EMAS and ISO14001 certification.

Rachel has contributed to a number of environmental publications including Malta’s National Report on Sustainable Development, a booklet entitled Environment and Sustainable Development in Malta, and has participated in Malta’s first and second National Communications to the UNFCCC with a particular focus on Technology Needs Assessment and the impacts of climate change on infrastructure, health and agriculture and fisheries.

Since 2001 Rachel has worked closely with the University of Malta lecturing on sustainable development and environmental management. Rachel is a member on the Board of Directors of the Today Public Policy Institute (TPPI), an independent and impartial think-tank focusing specifically on public policies for the purpose of improving those policies or creating viable alternatives.

In her spare time she also enjoys travelling and doing physical exercise in particular Pilates, running, and the occasional half marathon.

Year joined Adi Associates: 2005


  • Climate change
  • Environmental Evaluation of Funding Programmes
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Noise monitoring and assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment


  • Full Member of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)


  • BSc Chemistry and Biology
  • MSc Environmental Management & Planning
  • Chartered Environmentalist