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2021 Editors’ Choice for paper co-authored by Adi Associates Directors

In 2021 Adi Associates Directors, Adrian Mallia and Rachel Xuereb, co-authored a paper entitled Numerically enhanced conceptual modelling (NECoM) applied to the Malta Mean Sea Level Aquifer that was published in the Hydrogeology Journal. At the end of the year the Journal’s editors selected ten articles as winners of the Editors’ Choice designation. The 2021 Editors’ Choice articles are the ten articles that the editors especially like for a variety of reasons and consider to be exceptional. These were selected from among the ∼140 unsolicited (not Special Issue) articles that were published in the 2021 issues of the journal. Our paperwas chosen as one of the top ten articles.

The paper was a collaboration among a team of national and international experts (Francesca Lotti, Iacopo Borsi, Enrico Guastaldi, Alessio Barbagli, Paolo Basile, Lorenzo Favaro, Adrian Mallia, Rachel Xuereb, Michael Schembri, Julian Alexander Mamo, Manuel Sapiano). The work focuses on the geological and hydrogeological conceptualization of the five main aquifers of Malta, performed by means of groundwater bodies geometries characterizations to assess their hydraulic properties. The achieved hydrogeological conceptual models of the Maltese main groundwater bodies constituted the basis for groundwater numerical modelling to better understand and quantify the groundwater resource available within these hydrological reservoirs.

Potentiometric map

Malta Mean Sea Level Aquifer (MSLA) hydrogeological conceptual scheme

This paper was as result of a public tender: CT3068/2018 — Tender for the Development of Groundwater Models to Support Groundwater Management in the Maltese Island issued by the Department of Contracts, Malta.

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