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Adi Asssociates to prepare 12 Master Plans for the water catchments in Malta & Gozo

Project launchIn June 2020 Adi Associates was awarded the Contract for the Formulation of Master Plans and Technical Guidelines for Valleys Systems in the Maltese Islands. The latter is part of a LIFE Integrated Project, which is an eight-year project led by the Energy and Water Agency and co-financed under the EU LIFE Programme. This project aims to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Malta and will improve management of all water resources in the Maltese Islands.

There will be 12 Master Plans, with three plans addressing more than one catchment, where the catchments are adjacent; Ambjent Malta is coordinating the Project.

InterviewThe project objectives are:
• To develop Master Plans – providing a strategic policy framework to encourage integrated valley management (Integrated River Basin Management and Planning)
• To provide guidance frameworks for management of resources (e.g., water) that can be replicated for other catchments
• To develop technical guidelines to inform the implementation of management interventions
• To provide a framework for the conservation and enhancement of the ecosystem services provided by water catchments and valleys

Valley catchments Having the Master Plans in place will not interfere with ownership rights of land within the water catchments, and most of the land is likely to remain in private ownership. The current uses within the water catchments are also likely to remain unchanged. Hence, access rights to the valleys for recreation, etc, will likely be maintained.

The Master Plans will simply ensure that the uses and activities that take place within the water catchments are sustainable. Importantly, the Master Plans will ensure that the future management of the valleys will protect and enhance the ecosystem services provided by the water catchments.

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