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Urban Design Studies

Adi Associates has prepared a number of Urban Design Studies to accompany applications for proposals aimed at increasing the height of the development above the Local Plan maximum height limitation. The Planning Authority’s policy documents Height Limitation Adjustment Policy for Hotels, 2014 and Height Limitation Adjustment Policy for Retirement Homes, 2017, allow (in certain circumstances) for additional storeys on hotels and retirement homes, respectively, which exceed the maximum height limitation. In all cases, the applicant is required to submit an Urban Design Study as part of the development application.

Urban design studyHaving regard to the Planning Authority’s guidance, preparation of the Urban Design Study involves an assessment of the impact of the increase in height on the local character of the area, significant views, important local views, prospects and panoramas, and on Scheduled and landmark buildings and their settings. Accordingly, and having regard to a study area agreed with the Planning Authority, the Urban Design Study considers:

  • The existing roofscapes / skyline;
  • The potential future roofscape / skyline, having regard to:
    • The policy objectives under the height limitation designations; and
    • Planning commitments, where permissions have been granted which involve upwards extension (even where they would be within the maximum height limitation);
  • The existing building height to street width ratios;
  • The future potential building height to street width ratios (having regard to the height limitation designations and planning commitments);
  • The designated strategic view corridors;
  • The designated local views;
  • Any other views (long / medium distance, local, prospects and / or panoramas) which could be affected;
  • The designated Scheduled buildings;
  • The designated landmark buildings (as identified in the Local Plan); and
  • Any other buildings worthy of landmark building status which could be affected.

Keywords: Urban Design Study, Height Limitation Adjustment Policy for Hotels, 2014, Height Limitation Adjustment Policy for Retirement Homes, 2017

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