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Adi Associates invests in transport planning services

In a bid to further strengthen Adi Associates’ transport planning services, the company has recently invested in new traffic data collection hardware and software. In addition to a number of automatic traffic counters, Adi Associates now makes use of portable traffic cameras to assist in data collection. These cameras offer the possibility to record existing traffic conditions which are then digitised back at our offices using specialized hardware and software. They can be used to determine network traffic volumes (peak hours and daily), pedestrian flows, queue lengths, car park use, and trip attraction / generation. The cameras have already been deployed at a number of sites for projects that include a proposed petrol station, a healthcare facility, and an office block.

In addition, Adi Associates makes use of the latest TRL software (Junctions and TRANSYT) to model junction capacity and uses Transoft Solution’s AutoTurn to perform vehicle swept path analyses.

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