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Camel Brand factory relocation approved

The MEPA Board recently approved the relocation of the Camel Brand factory from its current location in a residential area in Haz-Zebbug to Tal-Handaq. Camel Brand is a local company specialising in typical Maltese and Mediterranean delicacies, including ħelwa tat-tork, bigilla and sun-dried tomatoes. This relocation will enable the company to improve its operations and also allow for future potential expansion.

Adi Associates assisted Camel Brand in its application by preparing a Project Description Statement and an EIA Exemption application. These reports showed that negligible environmental impacts are expected, in view of the nature and scale of the project as well as the good construction and operational practices planned for the development. This allowed MEPA to exempt the project from requiring an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The development will also replace a derelict factory in Tal-Handaq with a functional one, leading to an improvement in the visual amenity of the immediate surroundings of the site.

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