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  • Adi Associates has recently finalised Malta’s new diving strategy – Developing A Sustainable Diving Industry in the Maltese Islands: A Strategy for the Future, 2022

Adi to prepare Bathing Water Profiles

Malta is required to prepare bathing water profiles for a number of bathing areas in the Maltese Islands. The Environmental Health Directorate within the Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care has awarded the contract for the preparation of these profiles to Adi Associates. Our scientific team is responsible for compiling over 20 bathing water profiles in accordance with the requirements of Legal Notice 125 of 2008 and of the Commission’s Bathing Water Profiles: Best Guidance and Practice, December 2009.

Sandy beachThe items to be covered by the Profile are:

  • Description of bathing water, beach & surroundings;
  • Physical, Geographical and Hydrological Characteristics of the Bathing Water;
  • Identification and assessment of causes of pollution that might affect bathing waters; and
  • Potential for Proliferation of Cyanobacteria, Macro-Algae and/or Marine Phytoplankton and
  • Presence of Tarry Residues, Glass, Plastic, Rubber or any other waste.

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