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Official Launch of Natura 2000 Project

On Wednesday 9th January 2013, Mr Adrian Mallia, Managing Director of Adi Associates and representative of the Epsilon-Adi Consortium, together with Dr Petra Caruana Dingli, MEPA Director of Environment Protection, MEPA Chairman Mr Austin Walker, MEPA CEO Dr Ian Stafrace and Environment Minister Mario de Marco, officially launched the project ‘Natura 2000 Management Planning for Malta and Gozo’.

During the launch, Mr Adrian Mallia noted that “A key element in the gathering of data about each of the sites, and in the development of the management plans, is our engagement with all stakeholders. More importantly, we will start engaging with all those living and working within and in the vicinity of these sites, and those visiting and using the sites for recreation and other purposes. They are a vital asset throughout the entire process of this project.”

“We’ll be working very closely with local councils, and the plan is for these management plans to be positive, not to restrict land use, although ultimately the ecological needs of the site are supreme,” he said.

Mr Mallia also gave details of the stakeholder engagement programme which will start within the coming days and carry on for the next 10 months. The programme includes briefing sessions, exhibitions and workshops whereby authorities, local councils, NGOs, land owners, local residents, farmers, and site visitors will be invited to participate and contribute towards the development of conservation objectives and measures for each site.

This project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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