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Adi to prepare management plans for the Natura 2000 sites in Malta and Gozo

Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd together with international firm Epsilon International SA have been awarded a contract by MEPA to prepare 30 management plans for the terrestrial Natura 2000 sites in the Maltese Islands.

The project will collate existing information on the sites, carry out surveys, define conservation objectives and management measures and formulate management plans for each of the Natura 2000 sites. The process will include stakeholder involvement and participation at all stages and will address awareness-raising amongst both the general public and specific groups. The project will result in the following:

  • Natura 2000Mapping of all the relevant information gathered and compiled for the 30 Natura 2000 sites;
  • Data collection to assist in the formulation of the management plans;
  • Setting conservation objectives for each of the sites;
  • Preparing a management plan for each of the sites identified by MEPA; and
  • Carrying out an awareness raising campaign throughout the Maltese Islands.

Through this project, it is anticipated that not only will the Natura 2000 sites be better managed but also that the Maltese population will become more aware of the importance of these areas for the preservation of our biodiversity.

This project is co-financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Europe Investing in Rural Areas under Measure 323 of the Rural Development Programme for Malta, 2007-2013.


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